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Did you know that you could be sitting on an untapped resource within your business?

Improve your cashflow overnight with our Invoice Finance solutions. Get Invoice Finance provides tailored solutions that allow you to release capital on issue of invoice thereby providing your business with money that could then be used to fund working capital, growth, cashflow or even to purchase assets.

There are three ways you can do invoice financing.

Invoice Factoring, or Debt Factoring is a simple process whereby when you issue your invoice, you can release up to 98% of the gross invoice value within 24 hours into your bank account. We sort out debt collection for you allowing you to get on with what you’re good at: running your business.

Invoice Discounting, sometimes known as Confidential Invoice Finance effectively loans you up to 85% of your debtors book. It is a confidential service that is fully scaleable. The facility grows as your business grows without the hassle of bank overdrafts and personal guarantees.

Asset-Based Lending is an additional service that allows you to realize money against the assets of your business making them work harder for you. Assets could include your debtors book as with Invoice Discounting but also describes your plant and machinery, raw and finished materials and property.

If you’re looking for a workable cashflow solution for your business, you are close: Invoice Finance may well be the answer to your problems.

Find Success in an Invoice Discount Plan

April 14, 2009

If you are looking for a way to increase the level of financial security your business has you need to take the time to explore all the options available to you. Using an invoicing system can be great for billing purposes, but dangerous when that is your main source of income for paying expenses and payroll. Discount invoices can offer the relief you need by giving you access to money when you need it without waiting on clients.

Use invoice discounts to get the money you need through a line of credit offering by confidential discount invoicing companies specifically designed for this. This can reduce the stress you are feeling around the first of the month and bill paying times. Invoice discounting finance options can be found with a variety of companies who specialize in this form of lines of credit for businesses. To find the right one for your business, you need to make sure they can offer the working capital you need when you need it. You need the money necessary to take care of your business needs, whether it be for equipment, payroll or an expansion opportunity.

Confidentiality is important to your business and when you are dealing with financial matters you need to know you can trust the company you are working with on your lines of business credit and other financial plans. Look for an invoice discounts firm that offers this level of confidentiality and you will find a firm financial partner who can support your business and the industry you represent. Your business is your livelihood and when everything is tied up in it’s success it’s important to put together a solid plan of action and make sure you are progressing toward your overall goals. When you have security to keep your business running smoothly on a daily basis, you can focus on the bigger picture and find ways to grow your business with the level of success you want.


Consider Factoring Invoices for Additional Financial Support

April 12, 2009

Invoice factoring allows you to borrow against the pending payments you have without waiting on your clients to pay before you can take care of expenses. Owning your own business shows you how difficult getting client invoices paid can be. This brings on undue stress that you are already feeling and cause you to wait for money before paying employees, vendors or operating expenses. Avoid the stress by putting together a cash flow finance plan to handle daily operating expenses.

Consider factoring invoices to get the working capital you need to take care of business expenses and take control of your business. When you take the wait time out of paying your bills after you wait for clients to pay, you are giving yourself a cushion to operate your business on. Factoring invoices can be done with the help of invoice factoring companies to get you the money you need to keep your company running while you wait for client payments to come in. This offers you the opportunity to take advantage of opportunities for growth when they come along, as well as keep the business running on a daily basis.

Take the time to work with a solid factoring invoice company to put together the best plan for your business needs. Take into consideration the money you’ll need for daily operations and potential purchases that may come along. This is an essential step to take when you are watching for growth opportunities and for ways to expand your business. Avoid the stress of waiting for clients to pay their invoices and allowing it to keep your business from running smoothly. Invoicing and billing are difficult functions and you don’t need to rely on these two operations to keep your business afloat. Avoid this stressor as well by using factor invoices to get the working capital you need to take care of daily expenses and grow your business. You are the only one that can find the support your business needs. But if you don’t make sure you consider all the options available you could be holding your business back.


Find Business Security Will Invoice Discounting

April 10, 2009

To make sure your business is secure you need to make sure you have the working capital necessary to keep things running smoothly and take advantage of opportunities for growth when they come along. If your main source of income is tangled up in unpaid client invoices, this can be a difficult thing to achieve. If you’ve ever dealt with invoicing clients and waiting for them to pay, then you know this process takes time and your business shouldn’t be relying on this. Instead, work with invoice discounting companies to secure the working capital you need to keep your business running smoothly.

You can start by considering what factoring invoice discounting offers and assessing what capital you need to make this possible. Factoring and capital invoice discounting offer a business line of credit that can help you put together the capital you need to function even if you have unpaid invoices. This enables you to make the purchases and pay the expenses you need when the time comes without worrying about which clients have paid and which haven’t. Confidential invoice discounting can offer you the discretion you need when you want to put together a line of credit to carry your expense while you wait for clients to pay or when you are just getting started. Your business is important and you work hard to find the line of credit necessary to feel confident in the business decisions you are making. Confidentiality is essential to that mission.

Don’t rely on your clients to keep your business running smoothly when it comes time to pay bills and payroll. Operate your business in a secure way that ensures your future success and keeps everyone important happy. Invoice discounting can be the help you need to be successful not only in your business, but also in the industry you are striving to be successful in. This can be a hard thing to do, but with some hard work and the right invoice discounting company by your side, you will be on your way to the level of success you desire.


Pay Employees & Expenses on Time with Invoice Factoring

April 8, 2009

As the owner of a business you do more than sit behind a desk shuffling papers. The success of the business sits entirely on you, good or bad. Employees are essential to any business and the future success of that business. You need to offer valuable benefits and pay them on time to show them appreciation. This is hard to do when you are barely making it or waiting on clients to pay the bills. With some clients taking up to ninety days to pay you can find yourself in a stressful situation before long.

You can find a better way to handle this though by working with invoice factoring companies to find the line of credit you need to take care of your business. Working capital offer stability and the opportunity for growth and is essential for every business.
If an opportunity comes along and you don’t have the resources to take advantage of it, your business could suffer. Business invoice factoring is just one of the ways an invoice discounting company can help you plan for the future capital you need to be successful. Take the time to find the right factoring and invoice discounting firm in order to plan for your businesses future.

Use account receivable funding options to take control of your business and get back on track for growth. Don’t settle for less when it comes to your business, instead work with an invoice finance company to put together a plan to provide the resources your business needs for future growth.


Invoice Financing Can Help You Keep the Lights On

April 6, 2009

As the owner of your own business you understand the stress of daily operations. You can spend hours trying to get clients to pay just to pay the bills. You don’t have to do this to yourself, instead use the idea of an invoice finance plan to get your business back on track. Invoice factoring allows you to acquire the working capital you need to keep your business running while you’re waiting for clients to pay.

With this option available you can run your business more effectively and take advantage of the amazing opportunities for growth that come your way. Having cash flow available to your business allows you to purchase the items you need when you need them. To do this you need to work with a company that provides invoice discounting.

Before choosing one of the many invoice discounting companies out there, you need to make sure you find the ones who have experience in the areas you need. This company should offer more than cash flow, they should also take the time to understand your business and your industry to help you in the best way. This solid partnership allows you to work with the company in the best way possible and benefit from all the services they offer. Your company is important to you and without the capital or funds you need to make it run your company could suffer. Worrying about paying expenses or employees should be the last thing on your list. Invoice financing offers an end to these harsh situations and a light at the end of the tunnel to a business looking to grow without waiting on clients.


Is Invoice Finance Right for You?

April 6, 2009

When you’re self-employed, you understand the difficulty in getting clients to pay quickly. It doesn’t have to be this way, in fact, you can use a system called invoice financing to make sure your invoices don’t control the rest of your business needs. Use this system to pay your company bills without relying on unpaid invoices at the end of the month. You can use invoice factoring to get paid in a shorter period of time than the normal thirty, sixty or ninety days. For a small business, the faster you get paid the better.

You can find relief through factoring companies which can help you pay the bills without waiting for clients to pay. If these fits your needs, consider working with an invoice finance company. Pay the bills and reduce stress without waiting for invoices to be paid. When you pay suppliers and employees on time your business builds a reputation of excellence. Don’t let the stress of invoicing and clients pay schedules determine the success of your business when these great benefits are available.

Take the time to find out about invoice discounting and take control of your business back to take advantage of growth opportunities. Invoice factoring allows you to pay on time and grow when the right opportunity comes along. Take the time to find the best invoice factoring companies out there to find a good fit with your business and the type of credit you need. This relationship needs to be a solid one for the trust you have to put in their hands to provide you with the best financing options available.

Get your business back on track quickly with a solid invoice financing plan. Clients shouldn’t determine the success of your business, instead work with a solid invoice financing company to take care of your operations.


The Benefits of Business Invoice Factoring

March 23, 2009

There are several benefits to Business Invoice Factoring.

  • Up to 98% of the gross invoice value can be advanced by factoring companies often within a day of the invoices being raised; the balance is then made available to you upon settlement of invoice
  • Financial planning is made much easier because you know that the money you earn is in the bank the day after you have earned it!
  • Some of our clients arrange early settlement discounts with their customers on the strength of invoice factoring and their customers love them for it!
  • Invoice factoring makes funding growth easier.  You can purchase assets for your business, finance contracts and even take on more staff for large projects or during times of growth
  • With business factoring financing invoices is easy. You have a dedicated client manager and a professional credit controller who work closely with you and mediate with your customers
  • Invoice factoring companies will employ the best credit controllers around so you benefit from a professional credit control function to improve cash collections leaving you to get on with the business of running your own business
  • You have the option of affordable Bad Debt Protection with non recourse factoring
  • You have access to on-line account management 24/7
  • Invoice factoring services give you the flexibility to borrow in line with your sales, without having the traditional barriers and costs associated with banks
  • Get rid of your personal liability by eliminating any personal guarantee on bank lending and overdrafts
  • With factoring finance, the cash injection offers you the potential opportunities to purchase other businesses or re-structure current borrowings

How Factoring Invoices Works

March 23, 2009

For fast and effective funding solutions, with very little inconvenience caused, try invoice factoring. It’s easy! If you are still in doubt whether to factor invoices or not, look at the simple 5-step process and then decide:

  • You deliver your goods or service to your customer
  • You create the invoice and send one copy to your customer and one copy to one of several invoice factoring companies we find for you
  • The next day up to 98% of the value of the gross factor invoice is in your account
  • The company responsible for factoring the invoice collects the outstanding debt using their internal credit control function
  • When your customer pays up, you receive the remaining balance minus charges

Do You Qualify For Invoice Factoring Services?

March 23, 2009

To benefit from invoice factoring services, factoring companies will usually require that you are a business to business company in the UK. There is usually no stipulation about credit worthiness.

Amongst other stipulations that invoice factoring companies make is that you issue invoices to your customers with credit terms usually not exceeding 90 days from invoice date.

For invoice factoring to be successful there must be a strong audit trail. So proof that the goods / service have been delivered need to be attached to the invoice that is sent to the factoring company.

We can usually secure invoice factoring facilities in a matter of days.

Factoring receivables in this way can create opportunities for your business as it becomes cash rich (and this goes for factoring and invoice discounting); and the credit control aspect of the factoring services means that the time spent chasing your debt can be used to run your business more efficiently.


What is Invoice Factoring?

March 23, 2009

When asking the question, what is invoice factoring, it is important to make a clear distinction between what is invoice discounting and what is invoice factoring. Although often confused, these two methods of finance are markedly different. Invoice discounting (and what is invoice financing essentially), is when you loan money on the strength of your debtors book. It is a confidential facility in that your customers never need to know about it but it is more complex and rigid.

Invoice factoring however is an extremely flexible form of finance whereby factoring companies advance money to limited companies, sole traders, partnerships and Plcs on their receivables i.e. as and when invoices are raised. The money is advanced quickly and effortlessly and without sacrificing equity or entering into rigid and extended processes with a bank.

Factoring receivables is an adaptable and more acceptable form of finance, which provides you with cash flow necessary for working capital and growth. Factoring in essence bridges the gap between raising an invoice to your customer and getting that invoice paid.
With factoring the amount you borrow grows directly with your sales, immediately freeing up cash against the money tied up in unpaid invoices. You can release up to 98% funding against unpaid invoices.
Apart from increasing cash flow, factoring receivables provides a complete credit management function. One of the beauties about factoring is also the fact that you hand over the responsibility for the collection of that debt to the factor. Their professional in-house credit control team can tailor a facility to meet your requirements. These invoices will be managed in a controlled manner acceptable to your business model, designed as if you were chasing them yourself.

It is important to note that there are two types of factoring; recourse factoring and non recourse factoring. Non recourse factoring is when the factor takes on the bad debt risk. So if the factoring company has advanced money on an invoice to a customer who subsequently goes down leaving the debt unpaid, this bad debt is swallowed by the factor and there is no recourse to you. With recourse factoring, the factor will come back to you and demand that the debt be repaid. Of the two options, recourse factoring is obviously a cheaper option in the short term. But only you can decide which option suits your business long term.

Factoring companies take comfort in your sales ledger and audit trail, so additional security is not required. No other assets are required to secure this type of funding. You can relinquish your Personal Guarantees and additional security whilst obtaining funding to fuel your business growth.


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